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Mountain Top

It begins with an eccentric old man who cuts lawns and scribbles coded-dreams in a notebook.

But the ramblings of the seemingly harmless defendant have created several powerful enemies with deep pockets and deadly determination. When the old man is led through a dream to have Mike Andrews represent him, the former attorney-turned-minister finds himself embroiled in a full-out legal battle brimming with corporate scandal, supernatural evidence, and witnesses who are quickly leaving town to avoid a far worse fate.

As for his eccentric client? Sam Miller’s best information comes from strange dreams and visions he has while asleep. Mike is tempted to brush aside the man and his mysterious half-logic…until the clues from his dreams prove to be all too real. And his wife of forty-five years reveals her husband can regularly predict the future through strange visions.

Just how far should one follow guidance they receive from dreams and visions? That’s the question the jury – and two very different men – must resolve in this supernatural-tinged Southern legal thriller.

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