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Jimmy Mitchell knows he’s different from the other teenagers in the little town of Piney Grove, Georgia. He’s what people call “slow,” which means he doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears. But Jimmy sees and hears a lot, even the occasional “Watcher” (his mama calls them angels). And Jimmy remembers what he sees and hears with uncanny accuracy – which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify as a defense witness in a criminal trial.

Fans of Robert Whitlow’s best-selling legal thrillers praise his courtroom savvy, his rich Southern settings, his complex characters and spiritual sensitivity. To that legacy of expert storytelling, Jimmy adds a quieter, richer wisdom. Like Mark Twain and Harper Lee, he employs the limited viewpoint of an innocent child to illuminate complex human motives and often overlooked spiritual realities.

Peopled with a cast of Southern folk at once familiar and unexpected (an old man with a power pole in his backyard, a Sunday school teacher obsessed with his Studebaker, a bait-stealing fisherman), Jimmy provides an intimate, stirring reading experience–often funny, always compelling. From the first, riveting courtroom scene to the surprising, bittersweet finale, it’s a book that stretches the mind and steals the heart, leaving readers hungry for more.

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