I’d like to think that Robert Whitlow has done his finest work to date. Not just because it’s a little off the beaten path of his other works. This is the best, and it is only the best because “Jimmy” has a heart of gold! Robert Whitlow shines with a new light!

Jimmy Mitchell knows he’s different from the other teenagers in the little town of Piney Grove, Georgia. He’s what people call “slow,” which means he doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears. But Jimmy sees and hears a lot, even the occasional “Watcher” (his mama calls them angels). And Jimmy remembers what he sees and hears with uncanny accuracy – which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify as a defense witness in a criminal trial.

Fans of Robert Whitlow’s best-selling legal thrillers praise his courtroom savvy, his rich Southern settings, his complex characters and spiritual sensitivity. To that legacy of expert storytelling, Jimmy adds a quieter, richer wisdom. Like Mark Twain and Harper Lee, he employs the limited viewpoint of an innocent child to illuminate complex human motives and often overlooked spiritual realities.

Peopled with a cast of Southern folk at once familiar and unexpected (an old man with a power pole in his backyard, a Sunday school teacher obsessed with his Studebaker, a bait-stealing fisherman), Jimmy provides an intimate, stirring reading experience–often funny, always compelling. From the first, riveting courtroom scene to the surprising, bittersweet finale, it’s a book that stretches the mind and steals the heart, leaving readers hungry for more.

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (June 6, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781595541598
  • ISBN-13: 978-1595541598
  • ASIN: 1595541594
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 6.2 x 0.9 inches

Reader Quotes

It is also like a 10 course meal–one that must be savored to be enjoyed. Be patient, enjoy the journey, and you will come away very satisfied, and longing to repeat the experience.Reader

I truly enjoyed reading this book. The story was endearing and you are very quickly absorbed in it.A wonderful story of the life of a boy that has many challenges in his life, and as many accomplishments. At times I cheered and more than once had tears running down my cheeks.Reader

89 Responses to Jimmy

  1. I enjoyed this book very much. I wasn’t sure I liked the ending — I usualy like happy endings — but after reading the alternate ending, I agree that the published ending is the appropriate one. Wonderful character study of Jimmy and how he related his life the Godly principles.

    • Bev Speake

      I whole heartedly agree!!!!!!

    • V.E. McCloud

      I really enjoyed this novel. It gave so many inspirational moments on the character “Jimmy”. I have truly learned that a person with disabilies or “slow” can really teach adults a lot if they listen. Don’t judge a person based on the outward appearance, but from within. It reminded me to never forget my upbringing of respecting elders and the small things can truly make a Big difference in our lives,

    • Lynne Clark

      I agree, I loved the book but found the ending very sad, wasn’t expecting that type of ending, but I still loved it and loved Jimmy

    • Pat Collins

      I just finished Jimmy, and then just finished reading the Alternate Ending. I, too, thought it was sad to have the original end as it did, but after reading the Alternate, agree the original was very appropriate. I enjoyed the fact, also, that Robert Whitlow had so much compassion for the mentally and physically challenged, along with the feeling that God and Christianity is, and shall be in our lives. A very good story.

  2. I originally stumbled upon this book by accident, picking it up at a yard sale. It’s well worn binding and stained edges showed it to be a book that had been well read and much loved by it’s owner. I began reading it,unprepared for the emotional investment I was going to feel, and without the necessary box of tissues by my side.

    This book is a work of art, an understanding into the simplicity of the human soul of a child the world tends to take for granted.

    I eventually replaced my worn yard sale copy of this book with a new copy because it is a book I plan on having on my shelf for a long time to come.

  3. Kim Davis

    Thank you for a wonderfully, inspirational novel that kept me reading until the very end. Jimmy is a character that is real and honest in such a sinful world. I was shocked and suprised by the ending, but was pleased with the reunion of Jimmy and his grandpa. You are a great author and I look forward to reading more of your novels!

  4. Gloria Johnson

    Help! I finished Jimmy and would love to read a happier ending! It will not download. Can you tell me why, or send it to me by email? Thanks.
    Looking forward to your new book in August!

  5. Sherrie Vasiloff

    I like the alternate ending. Jimmy had so many other people to meet and change their way of thinking. He brought people to God by his simple words. What a messanger.

  6. Lannie Hatcher

    I loved the alternate ending. I just couldn’t believe that God was done with Jimmy! I thought the alternate ending was more realistic. This was my first Robert Whitlow book and I checked it out from my church library, where there is a whole row of his books. Needless to say, I’ll be checking out more! Awesome book. A must read… but be sure you have plenty of Kleenex!

  7. Jan Reynolds

    I discovered Robert whitlow books by accident at the public library. Now I can’t get enough of them. The books are so realistic and such a blessing. Jimmy’s story relates strongly to a young boy I know. The alternate ending is my favorite. Now I am searching for my next Robert Whitlow book!

  8. Lollie Hofer

    I didn’t mind that Jimmy died…even when I realized it was going that way and began insisting, “No, don’t let him die.” I read the alternate ending and feel Mr. Whitlow and the publisher went with the more effective ending. I did have a couple unanswered questions and thought maybe jumping ahead a year was too much of an attempt to tie it all neatly in a ribbon. However, Mr. Whitlow artistically wove a beautiful story of a very special boy. I like how he took his time telling the story, letting it slowly unfold into a quick-paced, heart pounding and emotionally shocking ending. I own several of Mr. Whitlow’s books. This one is completely out of the norm for him but extremely well-done. “The List” is still at the top of my list but this does take a close second.

  9. Quintin Giesbrecht

    That was a FAR better ending than the one in the book 🙂

    I thought it really lent to God’s power to make us new.

    • Nanny O.

      I agree that the ‘alternate ending’ would be the one I would choose. It did fit in well with the theme of the Watchers and with God’s making all things new. I had to skip a few pages near the original ending ~ just couldn’t stomach it. Otherwise a poignant book.

  10. Rita

    I have never read a book that has touched my heart, soul and mind the way this one did. Both endings are a work of art and I appreciated them both. The original ending in the book, I feel, is the most realistic of what could happen, in a similar situation, in this world today. The alternate makes you feel good about Jimmy surviving and shows another perspective of how he touched lives. I can imagine how writing a book must be hard work and I would never criticize an author for his, or her, style of creativity. God has used Mr. Whitlow to help people see HIS goodness and may God always keep the Whitlow family in the palm of HIS hand.

  11. marti

    finished reading jimmy and wanted to read the alternative ending because i wasn’t ready for the other one to end that way. Liked the alternative one much better.

  12. Loraine

    I felt the alternate ending was much stronger. It continued Jimmy’s belief in “I can make all things new.” Also I didn’t care for the violence included in the published ending. The book overall is an incredibly strong piece of writing that will deeply touch every reader’s heart.

  13. C

    like both endings….

  14. julie gallentine

    The bitter sweet ending was powerful. The short prayer of Jimmy’s father at the end said it all. Father make me more like my son and also like your Son. As tears came to my eyes, I too did some deep soul searching. Robert Whitlow is definitely one of my favorite authors.

  15. Sunni

    I just finished the alternative ending. I love this book, but the published ending did not sit well with me. ending the story with all things made new in Jimmy’s life seemed so much more appropriate. I realize that the published ending was a page turner, but the alternate one by for closed the book. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS ENDING!

  16. Kim

    I was saddened by the book’s ending even though Jimmy’s reunion with his grandpa was joyous. I really liked the alternate ending with Jimmy overcoming his fear and being baptized.


    This book has touched me in more ways than I can express. Jimmy’s innocence and wisdom surpasses that of any “normal” person. His relationship with everyone speaks of pure, selfless love. My heart broke when I read the ending and I couldn’t help breaking down.
    How I wish we had more people with Jimmy’s heart and soul in this world.

  18. Laura

    As with every Robert Whitlow book I’ve read, I very much enjoyed the book, but I am torn as to which ending I prefer. The published ending was more fully developed, thus better in that regard, and I treasured the reunion with his grandfather. HOWEVER, the part of me that much prefers “happily ever after” obviously likes the alternate ending. There was just too much love, purity and faith inside Jimmy for me to reconcile myself to his death at the hands of such darkness…though it occurs to me as I write those words that Jesus was an example of exactly that scenario….

  19. Sara S.

    I have read all Robert Whitlows books and I realiized I had miss “Jimmy” I started reading and got into it quite quickly. I can somewhat relate to Jimmy because I drive Special Need kids to and from school in our district. I have met wonderful kids who mostly have autism or Downs Syndrome. This kids have such a beautiful minds and hearts in most cases. I love them all so much. Jimmy wound his life into my heart and I was heartbroken with the books ending . Many tissues! But the alternate ending made my day so much better If you are making a movie of Jmmy, please let him survive the ordeal and continue to change peoples lives

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  21. Mary

    “Jimmy” is the first Robert Whitlow book I have read and I loved it! However I didn’t care for the published ending. It didn’t seem right for both of the main characters to die. I felt that Jimmy had much more to accomplish in his earthly life and in the lives of those he loved. I much preferred the alternate ending and would love for that ending to be used in the movie version! I have gotten “The List” from the library and am looking forward to starting that next. I have a feeling I will work my way through all of Whitlow’s books!

  22. Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your web site by chance, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  23. Millie Miller

    I just returned from a vacation in the Dominica Republic. The villa where we were staying had a few of Robert Whitlow’s books in the library. My friend who was with us started to read one of the books and could not put it down, she really enjoyed the book. I was reading one of my favorite authors Harry Kraus M.D. books so I wanted to finish that first. On my return to Ontario I have ordered a series from our Christian Book Store. So looking forward to ready them.

  24. JCD

    This was last of all of the Whitlow Books that I read. Wow. The ending is better in the downloaded version of the Jimmy Book.

    Mr. Whitlow – your books have been a blessing to my soul. Thank you.

  25. pam_sutton

    I have a Jimmy myself did you research the story or live it The world does not understand neither does the family

  26. DIANA

    I loved this book. It touched every emotion in me. I preferred the alternate ending. The ending in the book made cry too much.
    I love all of Robert Whitlows books. I can’t wait til the new one comes out in August.
    Thank you Mr Whitlow.

  27. MJ

    Beautiful book. Makes you think that maybe the world would be a better place if the “special” people were allowed to rule it.
    It also reminds me of a simpler time, when I was in my youth, and children respected and loved their elders and parents without question.,

  28. Debi Cathcart

    I picked this book up at Goodwill when I went to visit my 104 year old grandma. I needed reading material for my plane ride home. God definately guided me in my book selection because I just grabbed it, totally unaware of content. Loved it so much. I am a special Ed. Teacher and a little over a year ago became an Aunt to a blessing of a baby boy with Downs Syndrome. Beautiful portrayal of some of the most beautiful people on earth! I’m glad Jimmy realized the word special was a good thing!! Thanks and I’ll definately be reading more books by Robert Whitlow!

  29. Catherine Bounds

    I volunteer in our church library and just
    recently found your books. Jimmy was such
    an inspiration to me, and I will recommend it
    to everyone who is looking for a good book.
    Thanks for the alternate ending. I wasn’t
    ready for Jimmy to leave this world, although I know where we will all spend eternity if we
    love Jesus.

  30. Kathie Abbazia

    I”ve almost read all of Robert Whitlow’s books. Jimmy was way different for his usual norm, but a good page turner. I didn’t like the ending, but I could see why the author didn’t use the alternate ending. Both are good, I just had a hard time with Jimmy’s death for such a brave young man, that he was.

  31. Thank you for the great comments. We are almost finished with the movie of Jimmy, and think everyone is going to love the ending!

  32. Marion Tickner

    This is the second time I’ve read “Jimmy.” I’ve enjoyed getting to know this special young man. This time I read the alternative ending as well, and although we always like a happy ending, I liked the first ending better, sad as it was. Thanks for all that went into the writing of this book.

  33. Joan Noss

    Wonderful book. Thank you for the alternate ending. It was much better. The positive ending echoed the warmth of the rest of the book as well as the theme of growth coming out of struggle.

  34. Valerie

    This is the first Robert Whitlow book I have read, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I was thankful for the alternate ending though. The first one was too quick and choppy. I felt like something was missing. I hoped Jimmy would be around for a second book.

  35. jeanne

    I have loved all of robert whitlow’s books and have seen both movies. They were great too.

  36. The ending absolutely ruined this book for me. I LOVED the story; I couldn’t put the book down.

    But that ending wrecked everything.

    And the fact that it appears the author knew many would hate it and so wrote a happier, alternate ending is highly suspect. I really can’t recommend this book to anyone now, which is sad, because I agree, of the 5-6 Whitlow books I’ve read to date, this is, indeed, his best.

    Well, up until the horrible ending, anyway. I’m so disappointed. So disappointed, in fact, that when I vent my frustrations about it to others, I refuse to give the name and author of the book.

    I believe I understand what he’s going for, but I think it’s not emphasized enough to make it worth the disappointment most readers will feel.

  37. Cathy

    I have read all of the Robert Whitlow books and loved them. I so loved the character development of “Jimmy” and would have been one of my favorites until the ending. Sorry, it was just a huge disappointment to me and I just can’t seem to get past it. I can’t (at least not yet) recommend the book as I just found the ending so devastatingly dark.

  38. Cathy

    Thank you for the alternate ending—so much better to me. Thank you—

  39. Helen

    Like a lot of other readers, I didn’t like the ending that came with the book at first- I felt it was too painful and God wouldn’t have allowed a wonderful child like Jimmy to meet such an awful end. I read the alternative ending, however, and found out that the first ending was the more appropriate. We saw the importance of the prayer Jimmy made the pastor pray for his dying grandpa; and the love, purity and forgiveness that Jimmy embodied while alive continuing to work in the hearts and lives of those he left behind. Although it’s my first by the author, I’ll definitely recommend this book to anyone!

  40. Justine

    This is my first Robert Whitlow book. It was fantastic! I can not wait to read more and get others to read Jimmy! I have a love for the mentally handicapped population, so this book was very perfect for me to start with. Although the ending was hard (I think I used half a box of tissues) it was right. I love the thought of Mama and Daddy sharing their love for another child. I would recommend reading the alternative ending! Great Job Robert Whitlow!!!

  41. joyce roberson

    Would like more information on the movie “Jimmy”. Is it out yet?

  42. Pamela See

    I loved this book. I really thought the alternate ending was so much more in Jimmy being able to bring more sweet love to those around him.
    I read a buch of your other books also.
    Your style of writing holds my interest so well I hate to put the book down until it is finished.

  43. emma

    I read Jimmy in 2 days…loved it. I found it it my bookcase..and dont know if it was a yard sale or ordered book. I do know it is an awesome book! I was so moved with it..I had to write a message for the next reader on the inside cover. I havent read the “optional” ending…hmmmm…what to do, what to do..I dont know if I want the alternate ending, to influence my wonder of the book

  44. Julie Northrop

    I liked the alternative ending much better.
    It portrayed the struggle of the human being’s will to live, even through tough times. It also tells how heroic deeds performed by others we may never know can impact our lives. Finally, it would have left a wonderful opportunity to a sequel, portraying Jimmy’s life as an adult, perhaps getting married, perhaps having a family of his own to raise, perhaps getting a job similar to his grandfather’s. The sad ending made me feel empty.

  45. Linda Ferguson

    To Emma: No, don’t read the alternate ending. Why detract from the message of the book? And why would the author make two different endings? The published story was heart-breaking, but life does not always have a happy ending, but God gives the strength to move on.

  46. fathermary

    This was a great book. The story grabbed me right away and the further I got into the book the harder it got to put it down. The ending was sad…….but so is life sometimes.
    This book is well worth reading.

  47. Kathy Smith

    Is the movie out yet? when will it be released? Is it on video? I was an extra in the movie when it shot it Concord, NC. Very interested to see the movie.

  48. The alternate ending is most definitely 1000% better than the book’s ending. I GREATLY DISLIKE the book’s ending, it left too many things unanswered. It made me feel that I personally had No Closure! Wow, Really! The alternate ending should been printed in the book, DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. LizGillette

    I just finished the book ” Jimmy” last nite. A wonderful book. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read the alternate ending, but I did. I am glad I did, but can’t choose one over the other. I think many people will be blessed with 2 endings. Thank you and I’ll be getting more Robert Whitlow books.

  50. Freda

    It is midnight – the ending of Easter Sunday and the beginning of another day. I just finished reading Jimmy and the alternate ending. I am surprised that so many like the alternate ending better.

    The published ending is poignantly heartbreaking, but it is also powerful and full of the hope of eternity. Some have expressed the thought that the alternate ending gives Jimmy a chance to do much good and that his passing from this world into heaven ends the good that Jimmy could do. But, in truth, the published ending showed the good that God can do even in the midst of great loss and sorrow.

    “Behold, I make all things new” was abundandly evident in the published ending – if we but have eyes to see. It’s in the reunion of grandson and grandfather in heaven. It’s in the response of Jimmy’s Dad to be more like his son. It’s in Ellen’s williness to reach out to Vera. “Behold, I make all things new,” was the first response of my heart when I read the published ending.

    And yet, it hurts when there is not a happy ending here on earth. We are, and I include myself in this statement, so bound by feet of clay.

    Thank you Mr. Whitlow, vor a beautiful story.

    • As with many people who have commented before me, this was my first Robert Whitlow book that I picked at random from a public library. I decided to read something different, and wow, did this book deliver! I thoroughly enjoyed the character development and how Mr. Whitlow places the reader in the middle of the story through the characters. Also, reading a book that has a Christian focuses was a true blessing. Keep on writing, Mr. Whitlow. I’ll keep on reading!

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  52. carolyn

    I just saw the movie. Wow! I didn’t read the book, but I loved the movie. Now I “just have to” read the book.

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  54. Donna

    Found this book at the library and absolutely loved it. The original ending was sad but very realistic. Just read the alternate ending and liked it a lot, too. Jimmy doesn’t know that his grandpa has eternal life with God, but it does show his parents being changed; his dad in his attitude towards spending time with Jimmy, and his mom in her attitude towards Jimmy’s birth mother. Read until 0420 this morning, and am really tired today, but I couldn’t put the book down!

  55. Craig Marsh

    I finished Jimmy last night and I must admit that like many others who have commented before me, I was left a little empty with the ending. I was really pulling for Jimmy to make it and continue touching everyone who got to know him. My guess is Mr. Whitlow’s decision on the ending that would be published was not an easy one. But the ending takes nothing away for the beautiful book about how someone with the innocence of a child can affect the people he comes in contact with. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

  56. Cheryl

    I saw the movie before I read the book. I rally enjoyed the book until the end. I was disappointed that Jimmy died, because I was expecting an ending like the movie. I much prefer the alternate ending.

  57. I loved the book “Jimmy” what an amazing little boy with God’s blessing on his life. I cried at the ending. I also saw the movie “Jimmy”, I have to say I liked the ending in the movie alot better. Either way it was a successful book. I have all of Robert Whitlows books except the new one out, “The Living Room” I plan to purchase it soon. Robert is my favorite Author!

  58. Pat Feher

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Whitlow at a lecture he gave earlier this month.

    Enjoyed his stories and appreciate the fact that all of his books are wholesome and so true to life.

    Favorite book so far (new reader) is The Choice – one every woman should read.

    Thanks for the many hours of pleasure reading your books!

  59. We stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might as well
    check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to going over your web page again.

  60. D

    The alternate ending to this book is so much better than what really happens. I understand that R.W. wanted to make the story feel more realistic and that it would make people realize that life is fleeting, but honestly it was so sad at the end that I could barely stand to read it. It would have been much better had the alternate ending been published and Jimmy could have been baptized long before dying.

  61. Dorothy

    This was an exceptional book. I could hardly put it down. I would recommend this book to everyone. I preferred the alternate ending of the book, however. It left me feeling good about the whole story.

  62. Sherry lynn

    I was shocked at the ending and it made me sick to my stomach. Fabulous story until the end. Life is so full of grief, pain, and loss that the alternate ending was a much better fit. Reminded me of a bad Hallmark movie. I was trying to figure out what Mr. Whitlow was trying to achieve with such a dismal ending. This audiobook was a gift. I wish I could say I would be listening or reading his other works but if they are like this I will pass.

  63. Jeanne H.

    I much prefer the alternate ending. It shows the watcher was still with him. God has a plan for all of us even if not everyone can see or understand it. We all have a purpose.

  64. Kathy Hartman

    Just saw the movie of this book and ran in because I missed the first several minutes and the name of the movie . AMAZING ! Thank YOU !

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  68. Ola Norman

    Great story. I liked the alternate ending best.

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  70. Donna Gustafson

    I picked this book up at the thrift store. Based on the jacket description of Mr. Whitlow, I thought that I was going to be reading a “legal thriller”. Then the story turned into a wonderful story about a boy with special needs. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen. Then when it didn’t, I relaxed and enjoyed the book. Then came the ending. I was so upset by the ending that I dreamt about it that night and couldn’t stop talking about it at work the next day. I much preferred the alternate ending. There’s a lot of horrible things going on every day, but sometimes good can prevail.
    Thanks for the good story.

  71. Gary

    While this is not a bad book, in fact it’s pretty good, it is nowhere NEAR To Kill a Mockingbird or Huck Finn as the cover led me to believe and I REALLY dislike the ending. (I mean, if you’re going to have ‘Watchers’ as part of the cast of characters, one would think one of them could/would have done something to help the young man at that point).

  72. What is the alternate ending to the book “Jimmy”?

  73. Ryan Lee

    It was a great book, but I really wish Jimmy didn’t have to die in one ending. He was too young, too gentle, so innocent

  74. Iduwari

    This book Jimmy made me cry at work when I had a lull seeing patients. I read both endings but the first is more realistic and saddenly beautiful. Life is short. So it emphasizes the need to be your best version NOW. Salvation, adoption, love are major themes through out this book and the wonder of special kids. God is eternal and I pray He continues to inspire Robert Whitlow to write impactful stories.

  75. Sue

    Where do I find the alternate ending? I have been all over your website looking?

  76. Jimmy is my first Whitlow book (the first of all he writes). It was a wonderful surprise. The published ending (although sad) and really the “happier” ending. Thanks, tho, for giving us an alternative. Most of my books come from libraries (as did Jimmy) but I think JIMMY will become part of my permanent collection.

    • P.S. When I was reading the book I thought this would make a wonderful movie. Then someone in another comment mentioned the movie! Will have to see if its out on DVD. Will have to buy that too.

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