• A House Divided Cover

    A House Divided

    Corbin Gage can stand up to anyone . . . But his own divided house will bring him to his knees.

    Corbin, a longtime legal champion for the downtrodden, is slowly drinking himself into the grave. His love for “mountain water” has cost him his marriage to the godliest woman he knows, ruined his relationship with his daughter, Roxy, and reduced the business at his small Georgia law firm to a level where he can barely keep the bill collectors at bay. But it isn’t until his son, Ray, threatens to limit Corbin’s time with his grandson that Corbin begins to acknowledge he might have a problem.

    Despite the mess that surrounds his personal life and against the advice of everyone he knows, Corbin takes on a high-stakes tort case on behalf of two boys who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to an alleged chemical exposure. The defendant, a fertilizer company, is the largest employer in the area. The lawsuit becomes a tornado that sucks Corbin, Ray, and Roxy into an increasingly deadly vortex. Equally intense pressure within the family threatens to destroy, once and for all, the thin threads that connect them.

    Corbin must find the strength to stand up to his personal demons. Justice for two dying boys depends on it . . . his family depends on it.

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    • Paperback: 416 pages
    • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1401688888
    • ISBN-13: 9781401688882
    • Product Dimensions: 8.38 x 5.5 inches

    15 Responses to A House Divided

    1. Lori Lancaster

      Ready to order & read!!!

    2. Deborah Hagood

      I was just in a bookstore today checking to see if you had a new book out. I have read them all! Yay!

    3. Stacey

      Can’t wait!! You are my favorite author!!

    4. Steve Whitlock

      been waiting for this!

    5. monica

      I have enjoyed reading all your books! Just got my copy of the newly release book over the weekend. So far, it is off to a great start. Will post more comments later.

    6. Ruben

      Yes, I can’t wait to get your new novel . I am ready to enjoy reading .

    7. Ann Mulholland

      This was an excellent description of the benefits of AA if a person accepts “a higher power” as being the God of the Bible. Great book; good character development. I will highly recommend it to friends.

    8. Jamie

      Man just ordered my copy from amazon. Can’t wait. Have all your books and will be adding this one to the library. Nice to have books I can share with everyone from my mother,sister’s, wife, daughters to friends, pastor and strangers without fear of them being offended by off color remarks or subjects. God bless and keep them coming.

    9. Monica

      This book is so amazing……….real life struggles….then we get to see God at his best performance ever. Keep up the good work!

    10. Monica

      I just finished reading this book A House Divided. It was an amazing book to read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Keep up the good work Robert Whitlow! I look forward to reading many many more of your books in the future …thanks a bunch!


    11. CAROLYN

      I was never a person to read very much. I work for attorney’s in a suburb of metro Atlanta. While reading my emails one day about 4 years ago, I saw an advertisement for one of your books. I bought it and loved it. To the best of my knowledge, I have now bought and read all of your novels. I have turly enjoyed everyone of them. I recommend you to anyone I come in contact with that likes to read. My greatest love about your books is that they are located in an area that I am so familiar with and the spiritual value they put into the stories as well. I am a 72 year old female that late in life has learned to love books, thanks to you. Can’t wait to read your latest books. Keep them coming, please.
      Thank you, Carolyn.

    12. Dawn

      While in Hawaii I needed another book to read and came across “The List” in the condo offices bookshelf. Couldn’t put it down and now I’m ordering your other books as well. Such a pleasure to enjoy a good book with a spiritual foundation, I enjoyed the entire experience. Thank you.

      P.S. I’m leaving this book in Hawaii for the next person to enjoy. 🙂

    13. Patsy Diunizio

      Can’t wait to get this book and “The Witnesses” also.
      I have all of your books and have reread “Jimmy”.
      Thanks for writing real life books that show the importance of a relationship with God.

    14. I must say it was hard to find your blog in google.
      You write great posts but you should rank your blog higher in search engines.
      If you don’t know how to do it search on youtube: how to rank a website Marcel’s way

    15. Glenda Johns

      My favorite author!!! I’m ready for a new book. When???

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